What You Need to Know Before Buying Pedestal Sinks

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The fashion that is pedestal sink comes and goes with time. But it still holds a position as stylish space-savers because of its grace and practicality.

What’s a pedestal sink?
Before someone goes into buying something, a basic understanding of that thing is oft time necessary. So, what is a pedestal sink? Pedestal sink is for most people the purest sink out of anything out there. Pedestal sink doesn’t come with the clutter AND the advantages that come with countertop sinks. But, pedestal sinks emphasize their functionality.

They are composed of two separate elements. One is the top element called lavatory. It’s the section that collects water in the basin and acts as the attachment point for the faucet. The second element is the pedestal, and is the part responsible for carrying the weight of the lavatory above.

Best Bathroom Styles for Pedestal Sinks
After understanding what it is, the next question that comes is where can you use it? Not every bathroom style is compatible with the compactness of pedestal sink. But the thing to look for if you want to use pedestal sink is that if you have a limited space you can use.

Pedestal Sinks against Cabinets – Despite its clean, minimalistic and airy look it gives. Pedestal sink does not offer the counter space that cabinets have. Thus, if you’re looking for storages to store your bathroom amenities, then unfortunately pedestal sink is not the correct style for you. Otherwise, it’s a very good choice for those seeking minimalism in their life.

And that is all for what you need to know before buying pedestal sink. It’s definitely not something that’s very popular anymore with the rise of cabinet sinks. But still, if you’re just looking for core functionality and minimalist look. Pedestal sink will be amazing for your bathroom décor.

  • What You Need to Know Before Buying Pedestal Sinks