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natural stone tiles
Natural stones tiles are a making a comeback in popularity for interior and outdoor house décor right now. It makes sense after, after all using natural stone tiles gives the room your decorating a feeling of timelessness. But there is still some skepticism of using natural stone tiles as their decoration of choice.

So here we are with our pros and cons of using natural stone tiles. We hope these pros and cons will help solidify your choice of using natural stones tiles.
There are a lot of natural stones that are naturally weatherproof from the beginning. An example of this is andesite. If you’re using andesite as a material for your tile, it’s guaranteed to last longer than other material and you don’t have to apply additional coating onto it either.
Competitive Price
Being resources only available on certain geographic location, natural stones are sometimes a bit pricey. So, if you’re looking for cost-efficient option for your tiles, natural stone might not be the answer for you.
Easy to install
Natural stones are cut into slabs with precise edges. This makes natural stones easy to install and maintain compared to others.
Solid Material
As a solid material with uniform property throughout its shape. Natural stones are considerable heavier than other tiling choice available. This requires the installation of these natural stones to be much more careful with their weight distribution.

After reading the pros and cons, what do you feel about using natural stone tiles? It’s definitely not a bad choice, and the fashion you get from it is straight out amazing. But if these cons above are a deal breaker for you, then it might not be the best choice for you. Either way, we still recommend using natural stone tiles just because of their beauty alone.

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