How Marble Sink Can Enhance Your Bathroom Look

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If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, I’m sure the option of using marble have come to your mind very often. You can use marble anywhere on your bathroom and it will still look good, be it floor, countertop, and most importantly marble sink.
Everything in the bathroom is used frequently, but sink is the one that not only used functionally, but also the one serving as a focal point. Thus, using marble sink will enhance the look of your bathroom even more to visitors.

That being said, how does using marble sink exactly achieve that? Well here’s the answer:

Bacteria free
When properly sealed, marble is a non-porous and easy to clean material. Just a couple swipes with cloth on your marble sink and you no longer need to worry about bacteria hiding in any crevices.

Avoid crevice
Speaking of crevice, marble often times comes in slabs without any breaks. If you decide to go for marble sink, there won’t be any cracks between the sink itself and the countertop. So, you don’t need to worry about things such as hair shavings, dirt or bacteria hiding in your marble sink.

Goes with Pedestal Style or Countertop style
If your bathroom is on the smaller side, fret not friend. Marble sink goes well with both pedestals sink style or countertop style. And besides, pedestal is not a bad choice either for your marble sink as it gives more elegance compared to the bulky countertop we usually see.
Bottom line is, you can never go wrong with using marble as the material of choice in your bathroom. Marble sink as we’ve said above looks very beautiful and elegant, so if you’re wondering what to use you in your bathroom. Look no further, for marble sink is there to solve that problem for you.

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  • How Marble Sink Can Enhance Your Bathroom Look