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In case you’re not aware, We are one of Indonesia’s finest manufacturer for any natural stone related furniture. And because of them using natural stones as a material. Their furniture is very suitable for your garden or outdoor needs. But in today’s article, we will specifically be talking about their stone garden lamps.

Japanese Inspired Stone Garden Lamp
This Japanese inspired stone garden lamp is one of their magnificent creation made out of Candi stone. This stone garden lamp comes at the size of around 25 cm to 60cm, and is very suitable to put in your outdoor garden as both decorating piece and illumination piece.
It’s also very good for your garden as it’s made out of natural stones. Giving your garden even more positivity around it.
Borobudur Stupa Styled Stone Garden Lamp.

Not only coming in Japanese inspired stone garden lamp, We also offers Borobudur Stupa styled garden stone lamp if you’re looking for more Indonesian aesthetic to your garden. It comes in the same size as the Japanese one, and same with the one above, this one is made from Candi natural stones too.

So, there’s no need for you to worry about it fitting or not fitting with your garden style. We can guarantee that it will look good with your garden.
How is it? Feeling convinced of trying Stone Garden Lamps yet? Despite offering quality works, our stone garden lamps comes in a fairly cheap price too. It’s around $30 for the smaller ones and up to $100 for the larger ones. If you’re looking for some Indonesian or Japanese inspired stone garden lamps, definitely try checking out. We can vouch that their products are indeed quality product for the price range that it has.

That’s it for today’s article. We hope you find what’s written here useful, and we hope to see you again in another article.

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